Early career course

Early career course2021-06-16T09:56:02+02:00

One more year, the Workshop will be preceded by the already traditional Early Career Course. The Course, aimed at youg researchers, will take place on 15 September and it will be entirely free for all those registered for the Workshop. This year, we are honoured by the presence of three outstanding speakers: Prof. Ashish Sharma, Prof. Jayantha Obeysekera  and Prof. Jose Salas



Stochastic Generation of Hydrological Time Series with Focus on Global Climate Models


Ashish Sharma (Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University New South Wales, Australia, President ICSH 2017-2021)



Get together

Early Careers can meet in a casual atmosphere to network, exchange ideas or chat



Stochastic Hydrology in the Framework of Climate Variability and Change (14:30-15:30)

Statistical Analysis of Hydrological Extremes in Nonstationary Environments (16:00-17:00)

Jointly presented by:

Jose Salas (Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, USA, ICSH Achievement Awardee 2021)

Jayantha Obeysekera (Professor in the Institute of Environment, Director of the Sea Level Solutions Center, Florida International University, USA)