Friday 17

Friday 172021-09-10T17:50:04+02:00
Chair: Dmitri Kavetski
9:00 9:10 Future multivariate weather generation by combining Bartlett-Lewis and vine copula models Jorn Van de Velde, Bernard De Baets, Matthias Demuzere and Niko E. C. Verhoest
9:10 9:20 Innovative spatio-temporal time-series analysis through Causal Reasoning Héctor Macian-Sorribles, José Luis Molina González, Santiago Zazo del Dedo and Manuel Pulido-Velázquez
9:20 9:30 Pluvial flood hazard mapping in urban areas: A stochastic methodology based on the SaferPlaces platform Luis Mediero, Enrique Soriano, Peio Oria, Stefano Bagli, Attilio Castellarin, Luis Garrote, Paolo Mazzoli, Jaroslav Mysiak, Stefania Pasetti, Simone Persiano, David Santillán and Kai Schröter
9:30 9:40 Interactive analysis of daily resolution discharge time series all over the world Erwin Rottler, Klaus Vormoor, Till Francke and Axel Bronstert
9:40 9:50 Analysis of predictability of uncertain inflows to reservoirs Santiago Zazo del Dedo, José Luis Molina González, Héctor Macian-Sorribes and Manuel Pulido-Velázquez
9:50 10:05 Session Q&A
10:05 10:10


Chair: Cristina Prieto
10:10 10:12 A hybrid model coupling extreme gradient boosting model with Gaussian mixture model for streamflow forecasting Lingling Ni, Dong Wang and Jianfeng Wu
10:12 10:14 Development of an Efficient Emulator Using  a Gaussian Process Model for Radiation Parameterization  in Cloud-Resolving Simulation Model Yonggwan Shin and Jeong-Soo Park
10:14 10:16 Advances in the analysis of the spatio-temporal properties of multivariate hydrological time series based on Bayesian Causality Santiago Zazo del Dedo, José Luis Molina González, Héctor Macian-Sorribes and Manuel Pulido-Velázquez
10:16 10:18 A 500-year runoff reconstruction for European catchments Sadaf Nasreen and Martin Hanel
10:18 10:20 Preserving climate change signal and correcting systematic bias in climate model simulations: A wavelet-based approach Cilcia Kusumastuti, Ze Jiang, Rajeshwar Mehrotra and Ashish Sharma
10:20 10:22 Advanced multivariate GARCH approach for modeling dynamic hydrologic processes Reza Modarres
10:22 10:24 Groundwater level predictions using Machine Learning algorithms at San Pedro detrital Pliocene aquifer (southern Spain) Miguel Angel Diaz Hurtado, Lupicinio Garcia Ortiz, Francisco Nuñez, Manuel Argamasilla, Ana Ortuño and Juan Antonaya
10:24 10:41 Session Q&A
10:41 10:51

Coffee Break

Chair: Dong Wang
10:51 10:53 A Dynamic drought identification and risk assessment method: a case study of Jinsha River Basin Xiaopei Ju, Yuankun Wang, Dong Wang, Vijay P. Singh, Pengcheng Xu, Jichun Wu, Tao Ma, Jiufu Liu and Jianyun Zhang
10:53 10:55 Rainfall design storm parametrization for urban drainage studies at regional scale Rosario Balbastre-Soldevila, Rafael García-Bartual and Ignacio Andrés-Doménech
10:55 10:57 Developing High resolution gridded IDF curves using remote sensing rainfall products for Chennai basin Pulipati Yaswanth and Balaji Narasimhan
10:57 10:59 SWAT and SWAT-MODFLOW model performance in a subsurface drained, agriculturally dominated Danish catchment Eugenio Molina-Navarro and Rasmus Rumph Frederiksen
10:59 11:01 Increase in water reservoirs for agro-pastoral purposes over the Sota basin in Benin (West Africa): an option to adapt to the climate change? Kevin Sinomatohou Sambieni, Luc Olivier Sintondji and Fabien C.C. Hountondji
11:01 11:14 Session Q&A
11:14 11:19


11:19 12:04

STAHY Best paper Award

  • 2020 STAHY Best Paper Awardees: Francesco Serinaldi, Chris G. Kilsby and Federico Lombardo for:

     “Untenable nonstationarity: An assessment of the fitness for purpose of trend”

  • 2021 STAHY Best Paper Awardees: David McInerneyMark ThyerDmitri KavetskiJulien Lerat and George Kuczera for:

     “Improving probabilistic prediction of daily streamflow by identifying Pareto optimal approaches for modeling heteroscedastic residual errors”

12:04 12:09


Session: EXTREMES S3
Chair: David J. Peres
12:09 12:11 Non-stationary extreme rainfall analysis for Spain Diego A. Urrea and Manuel del Jesus
12:11 12:13 Extreme value modelling of transported moisture, tropospheric instability and precipitation in the regions of influence of the Great Plains Low-Level Jet. Luis Gimeno-Sotelo, Patrícia de Zea Bermudez and Luis Gimeno
12:13 12:15 A region of influence approach to estimating flood frequencies for climate change scenarios Anthony Hammond
12:15 12:17 Updating the estimation of 1-day Probable Maximum Precipitation in South Africa Katelyn Johnson and Jeff Smithers
12:17 12:19 Effects of climate change on hourly rainfall in Spain Javier Díez-Sierra and Manuel del Jesus
12:19 12:21 Lands use dynamics on the Bia watershed in the Cote d’Ivoire Kan Martin Kouassi, N’diaye Herman Meledje, Kouassi Ernest Ahoussi, Blaise Koffi Yao, Kouakou Lazare Kouassi, Jean Biemi and Nagnin Soro
12:21 12:23 Risk of extreme rain in the bandama basin (west africa): contribution of multifractal analysis Meledje N’Diaye Edwige Hermann and Kouassi Kouakou Lazare
12:23 12:40 Session Q&A
12:40 14:30

Lunch break

Chair: Richard Vogel
14:30 14:40 Eco-engineering decision scaling for climate change adaptation. Application to the Serpis river basin (Spain) Maria Alba Solans, Héctor Macian-Sorribes, Francisco Martinez-Capel and Manuel Pulido-Velazquez
14:40 14:50 A methodology to estimate the impact of climate change on fluvial flood losses in urban areas Enrique Soriano Martín, Kai Schröter, Sophie Ullrich, Marco Lompi, David Santillán Sanchez, Luis Cueto Felgueroso and Luis Mediero Orduña
14:50 15:00 Risk assessment and design of hydraulic structures with a structure-based framework:  the application to offline reservoirs Stefano Cipollini, Aldo Fiori and Elena Volpi
15:00 15:10 Assessment of trends in hydrological extremes using regional magnification factors Thomas Rodding Kjeldsen and Ilaria Prosdocimi
15:10 15:20 Impact of climate change on hydrological dam safety: A stochastic methodology applied to the Eugui Dam (Spain) Marco Lompi, Luis Mediero, Enrica Caporali and Carlos Garijo
15:20 15:30 Hidrological design of road drainage structures in a changing enviroment Mónica Jiménez, Luis Peña and Jesús López
15:30 15:48 Session Q&A
15:48 15:53


Chair: Luis Garrote
15:53 16:03 Climate change uncertainties at the sub-catchment scale Jorge Sebastián Moraga, Nadav Peleg, Peter Molnar, Simone Fatichi and Paolo Burlando
16:03 16:13 Retrieving river flow descriptors for water management under future climate scenarios over complex terrain: combining pan-European and local modeling in Sierra Nevada (Spain) Rafael Pimentel, Pérez-Palazón María José, Pascual Herrera-Grimaldi, Javier Aparicio, Pedro Torralbo and María José Polo
16:13 16:23 Rigorous uncertainty analysis for hydrological climate-change forecasts based on lumped geo-hydrological models Fahad Ejaz, Anneli Guthke, Thomas Wöhling and Wolfgang Nowak
16:23 16:33 Diagnosis of model-structural errors with a sliding time-window Bayesian analysis Hanfang Hsueh, Anneli Guthke, Thomas Wöhling and Wolfgang Nowak
16:33 16:43 Influence of uncertainty on the estimates of water balance dynamics and drought indices in the River Vistula basin Tesfaye Belay Senbeta and Renata Romanowicz
16:43 16:58 Session Q&A
16:58 17:08

Coffee Break

Chair: Attilio Castellarin
17:08 17:10 The Four Ways to Consider Data Uncertainty in Bayesian Model Selection and Their Impact on Resulting Model Weights Anneli Guthke and Sebastian Reuschen
17:10 17:12 Evaluation of regional climate models in southern Italy: an analysis focused on drought characteristics David J. Peres, Alfonso Senatore, Paola Nanni, Antonino Cancelliere, Giuseppe Mendicino and Brunella Bonaccorso
17:12 17:14 Confidence Curves Condensed to a number Ronald van Nooijen, Alla Kolechkina and Changrang Zhou
17:14 17:16 Incorporating geological heterogeneity in the Henares River basin (Spain) through calibration strategies using the SWAT model Alejandro Sánchez-Gómez, Silvia Martínez-Pérez, Francisco Manuel Pérez-Chavero and Eugenio Molina-Navarro
17:16 17:18 Developing a methodology to quantify the uncertainty associated with event-based rainfall-runoff design flood estimation methods applied in South Africa Udhav Maharaj and Jeffrey Smithers
17:18 17:20 Evaluation of the uncertainty of rainfall in a hydrological model applied in a Colombian Andean basin Félix Salgado Castillo, Miguel Ignacio Barrios Peña and Jorge Julian Velez Uribe
17:20 17:22 Assessing the uncertainty in copula parameters Changrang Zhou, Ronald van Nooijen, Alla Kolechkina and Nick Van De Giesen
17:22 17:39 Session Q&A
17:39 17:49 Presentation STAHY 2022
17:49 17:59 Closing Ceremony

****All times are in CET

  • DATA: Applications of big data, data mining and information theory. Data assimilation for hydrological forecast
  • VARIABILITY: Spatio-temporal variability and scaling. Geostatistics in groundwater and surface hydrology
  • UNCERTAINTY: Quantifying uncertainty in hydrological predictions
  • DESIGN AND RISK: Hydrological design and risk assessment under changing environment
  • EXTREMES: Extreme hydrological and meteorological analysis under global changes
  • TIME SERIES: New approaches in time series analysis
  • O: Orals
  • S: Short Orals